"I Am Wearing A Scarf"

8:17 PM

I am by no means a fashion-forward type of a person.  If something comes into fashion, you can reliably expect me to adopt it about three years later.  With sports, I am adventurous and willing to try new things; with fashion, I'm likely to buy the same sweater in two different colors out of relief at finding something I like.  Clearly, I am not a risk-taker.

I am, however, completely addicted to fashion blogs.  I don't even remember when this started, but somehow I wound up on District of Chic, and was hooked.  I love her classic style and attention to detail.  Her list of links brought me to other blogs I routinely check-in on, and they brought me to even more.
While I would never think about starting up a "what I wore" blog myself (I would run out of outfits to show in about 12 days, for one thing), I do appreciate the efforts of others.  Seeing how these women take risks, create unexpected pairings, and incorporate new elements into traditional pieces lets me look at my closet in a whole new way.  I've also learned how to get beyond the "I am Wearing a Scarf" phase of fashion adoption.

It started with a lunch-time conversation with a colleague at work.  I was admiring a co-worker who was wearing a beautiful scarf tied around her neck.  I wished I could pull off the look, but I didn't even know where to start.  Every time I even tried to put one on, I just felt foolish.  She laughed, and said that when she tried to wear a scarf she felt like she was wearing a sign that said "I Am Wearing A Scarf."

A variation on the neck-tie knot
This is exactly how I feel every time I try something new with clothing.  There is always that awkward stage where you feel like you are wearing an ill-fitting costume, and that at some point someone is going to remind you that you look silly.  In a way it is like being back in junior high - walking into a class for the first time when you feel like all eyes are on you.  Of course, they aren't.  And, as I have discovered with scarves, boots, skinny jeans, platform heels, hats, and any number of additions to my rather conservative wardrobe, you can get beyond the I am Wearing a Scarf phase if you just force yourself to wear something three times.

Now, of course, I am comfortable with my scarves.  Today, I even found a great site that suggests 37 different ways to tie a scarf (link here).  So here is to fashion risks, no matter how small!

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