Insomna Begets a Blog...

6:25 AM

I heard about tumblr a month ago.  I was in a meeting, someone mentioned "we could also start a tumblr," which I wrote down in the notes as "tumbler," only to be corrected later by the spouse.  Knowing to drop the "e" exhausted the spouse's knowledge of tumblr, and he trailed off with "'s something on the web..."

Which I would normally not explore, were it not for my insomnia.

Give insomnia some credit: it does give me time to mess about on the web and explore new things.  So here I am, at four in the morning, exploring tumblr and trying out a post while the cat snores at my feet.  Researching Tumblr brought me to Blogger, and here I am.  Of course, being the practical-minded person that I am, the first thing I queried in the help menu was how to delete an account.  So I can always get rid of any evidence of my insomnia-induced web exploration.

I had a friend once that was always making what she called "Drunk Plans."  She would wake up the morning after a night out and remember vague details of meet-ups scheduled, parties envisioned, dates agreed upon - Drunk Plans.  Sometimes she would find texts in her phone of Drunk Pans without context, and she would attempt to re-create the memory of what it was she was sooo looking forward to last night.  I am not the drinker my friend was, but I do find myself engaging in early morning Insomnia Plans.

Insomnia Plans are all the things I want to do right now if I could just get the rest of the world to start the day when I did.  (Why isn't everyone else up at 3:36?)  The internet is a horrible enabler for my insomnia as Facebook leads to Jezebel and Gawker, then off to see if there are any updates on CX Magazine and Velo.  Oh, and I wanted to check out by book list at the library - are any of my reserved books coming soon?  Then I have to post on my bike team's message boards and respond to a few emails I have been warily ignoring.

As I go through everything, clicking through the boredom, I begin to create a list of things to do: make a neat-o basket out of recycled paper that I found on a site, paint the walls of the front room that awesome color, find a pair of boots that make my legs look that great and will magically go with all of my jeans and skirts...Insomnia Plans.

Unfortunately, I never can seem to maintain that energy that gets me up hours before my alarm.  I cruise through my morning on coffee and a good breakfast, work all day at a job I love (and secretly acknowledge may be the cause of some of my insomnia), work out, struggle with the spouse to come up with some nutritious dinner that doesn't involve yet another stop at the grocery store, and wind up nodding off to an episode of Fringe with most of my plans from the night (sorry, morning) before fading in the back of my mind.

So maybe this will give me a way to document the Insomnia Plans - to at least remember what I was so inspired by before the 4:30 news starts and I can check out the weather for the day...

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