WWIR (Workout Week in Review)

7:41 PM

It is the third week of the year, and I am still in Preparation phase for the next few weeks.  As a follower of the Joe Friel plan, I have dutifully put together my yearly plan for my mountain bike and cyclocross racing seasons.  (Technically, I will also be racing road, but who am I kidding?  The word “race” is a bit of a stretch.)  The first draft of my plan looked a lot like last year, though I delayed the first Peak phase to the end of August to coincide more accurately with my MTB season.  Then I went to watch the CX Nationals in Madison, and things changed.

When I watched the women at Nationals I was so inspired!  They were tough as nails, bad ass, and having fun out there on the course.  There were women from all over the country, wearing every imaginable kind of kit, and riding all level of bikes.  If someone had handed me a bike in that moment, I would have jumped in without skipping a beat. 

It turns out I want to race Nationals in 2013 (which is really the tail end of the 2012 year, as they will be held in the beginning of January).  I still consider myself new to cycling, so it boggles my mind that I can just enter a National championship competition, even just an age-category race.  I have no doubt that I will get my butt thoroughly whooped, and I’m sure to be pulled at some point, but I’m not getting any younger, so why not? 

So, I’ve adjusted my plan to include two fully built up Peaks (August for the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series, and early December for CX State Championships in Minnesota) and a mini-build to a January, 2013 Peak.  It is almost a year away, and I’m already giddy with excitement!

I need something to keep me motivated – the weather sure hasn’t helped this year.  Not enough snow for good skate-skiing conditions, but bad enough conditions that I can’t keep up with the biking outdoors.  I cannot ride my road bike when it is under 40 because of my Raynaud’s, and I’m not a skilled enough mountain biker to be ripping it out on the trails when there is ice.  Plus there is this inconvenient fact: I.  Hate.  The. Spinner. 

I did get one good ride outside this week on Thursday when it got up to 42 (beautiful ride along the river), and I’m still marveling over the fact that I was outside riding on January 26.  I always have running to break up the boredom of the spinner, and the ladies on my team have been pulling together weekly garage spins so we can suffer as a group.  Still, the Preparation phase for me is pretty light – just seven hours a week – easy enough to do even when the weather is crap.  Things will start to pick up in February, when I begin that first Base phase…

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