9:05 PM

Today we woke to a world covered in hoarfrost (get your dirty, eighth-grade mind out of the gutter: h-o-a-r).  If I was smarter, or knew the first thing about meteorology I could possibly explain the phenomena, but as I am perhaps the only Minnesotan who does not care about the “why” of weather, only the “what,” I just enjoy the crystallization of the world when it happens. 

We planned an afternoon ride, so as to wait for the warmest temperatures.  This left us with most of the rest of the day to fill, but with the ride still lingering in our minds.  This is why I like to get out and finish my workout first thing in the morning; if I don’t, it becomes a distraction throwing pebbles at me from some back corner of my consciousness as I move through the day.  Especially a ride like the one we planned – two hours with enough tempo thrown in to keep us warm.  In July this type of ride would be a piece of cake.  In January, when we are not even to the point of building strength again, two hours sounds like a long time on the bike.
These kind of days take on a diverted quality.  We cleaned up the house, stocked up the fridge, did some reading/grading at Cupcake (such wonderful cupcakes…), and made a run to Northeast to pick up some crafting supplies at Crafty Planet (yeah, that’s right, I’m getting my craft on).  I love Crafty Planet because you can find everything from retro fabric patterns, to subversive cross stitch kits that spell out “Do Not F@#k With Me” (that one went in the basket).  Plus, if you are lucky, you get to see the local turkeys that wander the neighborhood.  The store is a good place to focus on things you can do beside biking – I know, I know, but there really are things beyond biking in this world…

The ride was good – really cold at the start, so warm in the middle that I took off a layer of gloves, and then really cold at the finish as the sun dipped closer to the horizon (and I regretted taking off that layer of gloves).  The roads are in surprisingly good shape – since we haven’t had much snow, there is a lot less salt/sand mucking up the edges.  With each new ride, it appears I set a new record low riding temperature: today’s was 32!

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