Getting Away from February

6:54 PM

I’ve been bad, and I’ve let February get to me.

Being a life-long Minnesotan means I know what damage a north-woods winter can cause.  The lack of sunlight, the cold days (even in a warm winter like this one, they wear on you), and oddly enough, the bright sun can just take you down bit by bit.  It is strange, but when there is sun it is always low in the sky, and directly aimed at your cornea.  Minnesotans spend their winters alternating between a semi-dark world of sunlight deprivation, and an overly bright world of aggressive glare.  You can always tell a Minnesotan in winter because we look like a newly discovered form of cave dweller, only recently introduced to the world above ground; constantly grimacing away from the blaze in the sky.

This week, I succumbed to the crapulence that is winter – which basically involves spending mindless hours at work, followed by mindless hours surfing the internet, and completing workouts only because of some automatic function located in the oldest parts of my brain stem.  But today I woke up, and remembered that winter must be fought off, like a virus…well, one that you can’t actually beat, but you can push away until the advent of spring…or March.

To fight winter, we went on a long ride (at 37 miles, long for February).  The weather was warm (about 40 degrees), the sun was out (squinting again), and a stop at a coffee shop for warm cocoa was planned.  The wind was a bit stronger than anticipated, but at the end of the day, it was nice to complete a 2.5 hour ride, and complete 9.5 hours for the week.  This was my second week of Base 1, and I have to remember that by Base 2 the weather will be warmer, and Base 3 might even bring rides where my triple-layered gloves and leg warmers are left in the drawer.  Oh, for the day when I will be complaining about the smelly sunblock I have to wear!

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