Want it Wednesday: Odi Rogue Lock-On Grips

6:46 PM

I was planning on writing my second Want it Wednesday (sign up HERE, and check out an awesome Want It post HERE) about a new Fox 32 Float Fit Terralogic fork, but I am happy to report that it is no longer a “want” for me, as I now have the Terralogic fork!  Ok, I don’t possess it yet, but my mechanic did let me cradle it a bit in my arms the other day, give it a hug, and whisper some sweet nothings to it before he took it back to install it on my mountain bike – we should be reunited shortly.

No, I’ve decided to post a real want: Odi Rogue Lock-On Grips.  See, I have no need for these grips – my mountain bike is currently equipped with a great set of grips (a more “vintage” Odi grip), and I have absolutely no discomfort issues at all with my grips.  But evil Vanity is whispering in my ear and telling me that I should get some if I really want to look cool when the trails open this spring.

What is great about the Odi Rogue grips?  They are very comfortable (great shock absorption)…um, I’ll have to check out their site for more reasons…oh, yeah, they have well designed channels to get rid of debris, the lock-on feature ensures they are slip free…ok, I’ll admit it, I want them for the personalization.

That’s right – you can get custom laser etching on the clamps, up to 15 characters in 12 different fonts, how cool is that?!  The only really difficult decision is what to have etched on my blue clamps?  I’ve always waited for my bikes’ names to naturally arise, and I’m not sure my current sobriquet for the KHS (little cuss), is its true name…I’m also considering: B. A. Baracus, B. A. Barakhs, Steve Holt!, and some other ones that I can’t remember right now, but must have written down somewhere…

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