Want It Wednesday - Crank Brothers Eggbeater 3

5:54 AM

Today is my first Want It Wednesday – posts every second and fourth Wednesday of the month inspired by Jez Andrews at Following the Chainline.  Want to join?  Click here!

At first, I thought I would go big – put up the dream boutique titanium frame with a full Sram Red group and disc brakes that would allow me to use it for both road and cyclocross.  But who am I kidding?  Daydreaming is fun, but sometimes you want to focus on the practical and attainable…

For this spring, I have my eye on a nice pair of Crank Brothers Eggbeater pedals.  No, not the full titanium Eggbeater 11s; rather, the more modest Eggbeater 3s in a nice blue. 

I’ve been riding my Candy’s since I bought my CX bike, and love the smooth action of clipping out for a dismount.  Being a generally awkward person, I tend to take a lot of tumbles while on my cross and mountain bikes, so an easy release from the pedal is not just about maintaining high standards in the elegance of my crashes, it is about safety as well.  The true Eggbeater will up my style points with the sleeker look, and lack of a platform.  

Plus, I will finally fit in with all the cool kids at the CX races – if you’ve been to a cross race, you know that Eggbeaters are what’s in (so much more awesome than those stodgy Time or Shimano pedals…)!  I am interested to see how the lack of a platform changes things.  My first season of CX was full of scrambled, post-barrier multitasking as I would be mashing the pedals whilst also attempting to find the clips, but this is now one area of technique where I've developed a cool efficiency.  

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