WWIR (Workout Week In Review)

3:16 PM

One more week in the bag, and it is difficult to not feel like I am treading water.  The training phase I am in right now is called Preparation, and it is a pretty mellow phase of endurance and speed skill work with a little strength training thrown in for good measure.  It is supposed to get me ready for the longer training hours of Base 1, which I will begin next week.  On the one hand, it is nice because it is so easy to get in my seven hours.  On the other, it sometimes feels a bit pointless.  It is not always easy to convince myself of the importance of any individual workout, because they are not (on their own) all that important.  And some days are more of a struggle than others to get out the door and on the bike.

This week I was lucky, because the weather was good enough for me to get outside for three days of riding (5 hours total).  It was great to be on the road, with the varied terrain and effort that time on the spinner just can’t effectively simulate.  Cornering, climbing out of the saddle, and getting that little extra rest while coasting downhill just isn’t an option on the spinner.  My week culminated in a great two-hour ride with the spouse on a nice route with a few rolling hills.
I could have gone on another ride to end my week on Sunday, but I’ve also discovered that winter riding takes more out of the tank than summer rides.  It must be some combination of the cold, the extra layers, and all the additional preparation that went into the ride that wore me down, but by the end of the week I was ready to be off the bike. 

Unfortunately, I tried to go skiing at one of the two locations that is making snow this winter: Elm Creek Park Reserve.  Bad idea.  I think skiing is officially over for the season, though some may argue that it never really got started.  They have a wide, 2.5 kilometer loop, but it is in very poor shape.  Yesterday the entire course was the consistency of mashed potatoes; hardly what you would call groom-able snow.  Originally, I wanted to get in an hour of skiing, but after 30 minutes I called it a day and read my book while the spouse (who has a much deeper well of patience than I do) finished up his workout. 

It is too bad we are losing skiing as an option this year – it really does help to have a lot of variety in my workout during the dark winter months.  I also think I am in for a week on the spinner as the temperatures are predicted to drop in the coming days.  I can only hope that this warm winter is followed up by a warm spring, lots of outdoor riding, and an early opening to all the mountain bike trails!

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