CX Nationals in Boulder, Austin, and Asheville

9:11 PM

USA Cycling finally made up their mind by not making up their mind.  Given three competing bids for the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Cyclocross Nationals, they decided to give it to all three cities, each for one year rather than the traditional two.  There are plenty of good reasons for going back to the one-and-done model for Nationals, avoiding regional dominance in the age-category races being the primary one.  Still, I’m a bit bummed…

  • Boulder is 925 miles away,
  • Austin is 1,175 miles away, and
  • Asheville is 1,055 miles away
On the plus side?  Better weather than Madison, Wisconsin (this year wasn’t bad, but come on, we know next January could be nasty).  Good local bike culture (at least in Boulder – I have no idea about Austin or Asheville).  Great scenery (mountains in Boulder, millionaire mansions in Asheville). 

The down side?  Two days drive (both ways) for me, which pretty much means I won’t be going as spectator or racer.  Surely, USA Cycling could have considered my needs when selecting the sites for Nationals?!

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