Lazy Link Day!

3:19 PM

Another Friday, another collection of stuff I've seen in the last week...

LINK!  Damn you, Twin Six!  Why can't you make a pair of three-quarters for the ladies?!

LINK!  LINK!  LINK!  Bike porn alert - North American Handmade Bicycle Show bikes to drool over posted at Bike Radar

LINK!  The coolest paint job on a really cool CX bike at NAHBS posted at CX Magazine, remember, Steel is Real!

LINK!  Neat story about a bike embedded in a tree over at Kent's Bike Blog

LINK!  Where I wish I was this weekend - Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is having one of their Women's Weekends.

LINK!  The latest in the UCI soap opera, as reported at Bloomberg - a possible break-away cycling league (audible gasp!) - tune in next week when UCI President Pat McQuaid says something stupid (about this, or any other topic, he is always guaranteed to stuff his foot into his mouth)

LINK!  Funny video that is everywhere, but I saw it first over at Change Your Life, Ride a Bike!

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