Lazy Link Day

5:43 AM

Who says a Lazy Link Day can’t be a Thursday?

LINK!  Chaos at Catalunya: Nearly 40 abandon, but officials might let them start Thursday (VeloNews).  I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who abandons when the weather gets crappy, though it sounds like these guys were facing much worse conditions than I’ve ever even ventured out into.  Rain, snow, wind, ice, plus the possibility of a HC climb?  I’m thinking I would have stayed in bed and snuggled up to a cat or two.

LINK!  Tim Johnson finished his ride on Washington (billed as “the bike ride for more bike rides”) in support of Bikes Belong, a biking advocacy group.  They have a pretty good site with lots of tools and stats to help individuals promote bike advocacy in their community.  

LINK!  When you talk to a 29-inch fanatic, there is no argument – they are always convinced that 26ers are dinosaurs, and everyone will get the best ride possible on the wagon wheels sported by 29ers.  Why stop there?  This dude has taken it to the next level with this 36er!

LINK!  New Merckx biography reveals he raced with a heart condition.  Maybe a book to put on reserve at my local library...

LINK!  It’s March, so I’m dreaming about awesome bike vacations.  Here is a nice summary of some rides out in San Louis Obispo County – otherwise known as Wine Coast Country.  Bikes and wine?!  Almost too good to be true!  And you could fold this vacation into the next…

LINK!  Events surrounding this year’s Amgen Tour of California.  I wish the Tour was scheduled for a bit later in the year, because I’d love to go out and see it sometime.  Clearly, I have cycling adventures on my brain.  Probably because we just got the VeloNews Ultimate Ride Guide for this year (no link yet on the web).  Ah, vacation planning…

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