The Spring Classics - Milan-San Remo & Fashion Notes

3:24 PM

Not pictured: the apple fritter that didn't make it home...
I know it happened yesterday, but because of a long team ride and the wonders of streaming video on the internet, the spouse and I had breakfast with Milan-San Remo this morning.  The additional day gave us the time we needed to be truly prepared for the sprinter’s classic, as we settled in well supplied with donuts from The Donut Hut, and some wonderfully smoky French roast coffee from the press. 

The race itself got more exciting as riders who were likely to be in contention were dropped by the wayside.  I have to admit to a certain level of schadenfreude when the motorbike first started hovering around Cavendish as he slipped farther back on Le Maine.  I am among the haters of Cav, who is referred to alternately as Crappendish or Cavendouche in our house.  I have no respect for a sprinter who cannot climb.  Plus, black shoes, white sox?  No.

It was too bad that Gilbert was caught up in a silly crash so close to the end.  The talk has all been about how he was off his form, and was nowhere near the rider he was last year, but there he was at the front, barking out orders.  I would have like to see what he could have done with the twisty descent. 

In the end, though, I was rooting for Sparticus to cross the line first, even though I knew it wasn’t likely given the way the three riders (Cancellara, Gerrans, and Nibali) came down the hillside.  Though he started the final breakaway, it was obvious Nibali wasn’t going to do anything, and Gerrans was definitely in the catbird seat.  Still, good for Gerrans for racing so tactically, and good for Cancellara for once again trying to take a race on his own.  I like the guy’s moxie.      

But really, why am I wasting time on such trivial details?  Watching Milan-San Remo gave me my first look at this year’s pro kits!  A few notes:
  • Ugliest Kit:  Green Edge and Liquigas are definitely fighting it out for the bottom of the barrel.  Perhaps they look better when viewed in HD, but on streaming video they were a horrible combination between urine yellow and bile green that I often couldn’t tell apart.
  • Most Boring Kit: RadioShack-Nissan-Trek-LeOpard-Whatever-Their-Name-Is-Today really needed to attend to their design over the winter.  They did not.  Perhaps they were more focused on training.  Priorities, people!  The off season gives you a chance to shake things up!  (There are several teams joining this group: AG2R, Euskaltel, BMC…the list goes on and on…)
  • Most Improved: Saxo Bank.  They may not have any headlining riders, but they did do a nice redesign of their pastel-heavy kit from last year.  Like the different blues, and the large Saxo across the back at an angle is a nice touch when viewed from the helicopter. 

Final thought – listening to the foreign commentators is always fun.  Today’s new phrase?  White horses, which I gather from context clues is a phrase for what we call whitecaps.  See, I didn’t just waste three hours on donuts and cycling – I learned something! 

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