Want It Wednesday - Sidi Dominator 5s

5:23 AM

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So, my first pair of mountain bike shoes was the biggest, heaviest pair of Shimano shoes you could possibly buy.  They were purchased for no other reason than I am super cheap.  I was suffering from sticker shock after having bought my first road bike, and was also having difficulty wrapping my head around the fact that my new bike wasn’t going to come with pedals.  The sales guy said “basic” and I said “yes!”

I upgraded one year later when I discovered cyclocross.  Not only were the Shimano shoes about as heavy as two concrete blocks on my feet, the bottoms also had the tendency to pack full of mud and turn in to surfboards. 

My second pair of mountain bike shoes are the most expensive shoes I have ever pulled out the credit card for, and I still went too cheap!  They are a fine pair of shoes, but they are missing one major thing that the Sidi Dominator 5s have: the ratchet.

It may seem like a little thing, but the ratchet on the Dominators would solve the only problem I have with my mountain/cyclocross shoes: they have a tendency to loosen just a bit toward the end of races.  This can get pretty annoying when you jump off the bike for a run-up and your feet are shifting and sliding around in your shoes.  Not a major thing, but a thing…

…Again, not a major thing, and that is why the Sidi Dominator 5s are likely going to stay on the “Want It” list, rather than move over to the “Have It” list – I’m just so very cheap.  I can’t imagine buying a new pair of shoes before the old ones are worn to shreds!

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