Decisions, Decisions...

7:57 AM

I am supposed to race today.  But I keep looking at the radar and seeing this:

Is it any surprise that I am reconsidering my decision?

I have many reasons to back up a decision to not race.  They include:
  1. This is a road race, which means this is a training race.
  2. It is a short race (only 21 miles), so it wouldn't actually bring me much training anyway.
  3. The temperature is currently dropping, and could be in the upper 30s to lower 40s at start time.
  4. The rain is currently falling on the race course, and will most likely still be falling at start time.
  5. I can handle cold, and I can handle rain, but I cannot handle cold and rain together.
  6. The teammate I planned to ride with has given me the "ok" to wimp out.
  7. A wet course with a bunch of category 4 women can spell crashes.
  8. I would have to clean my bike after the race, and I just cleaned it two days ago.
Alright, that last reason was pretty weak.  When it comes to lining up the reasons why I should race, it really comes down to just one:

I want to race. 

Even though it is a silly and short race, and even though I have no plans to put forth a race effort, I still want to go.  So I will probably pack a hugely overstuffed bag with enough clothes to take me through a week, and drag my whiny butt down to the course later this morning…

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