An Off Week

3:08 PM

Now that I am nearly at the end of this week I can fully accept that I am having an off week.  Nothing seemed to work just right – too many outside commitments stealing chunks of my time, too many errands needed to be run, too many unchecked boxes on my “To Do” list sitting there and tapping their collective foot impatiently.  To add insult to injury, I am either suffering from the fastest moving head cold in history, or my allergies have awoken to the realities of spring.

The final result is a week where my training was as disorganized as my brain.  And I missed Want It Wednesday (and I even want something)!  I have managed to get some workouts in (and even one quality interval workout on the road bike), but I am feeling more depleted from the effort rather than energized.  Now I am looking at the weekend and wondering if I should scrap the planned four-hour road ride and start my rest week a few days early.

…then I remember my Ron Swanson (from Parks & Recreation): “Don’t half-ass two things.  Whole-ass one thing.”  Ok, so I cannot quit the job to give my full-assed attention to training, but it is a good reminder of what voluntary commitment actually means.  I don’t ever have to work out; there is always a choice.  Sometimes it is difficult to judge oneself objectively – am I in desperate need of a few days off the bike, or am I just being whiny and lazy?

If I am really honest, I would have to say that I’ve never been in danger of overtraining in my life.  Waaaay back when I was involved in organized sports I would always take the coach up on his offer of “one less repeat for those of you who are feeling a bit worn out today.”  Now that I have joined the league of the self-coached athletes it becomes even easier to take it easy one day, rest another, back off the next, and stretch the taper out just a bit.

So, yeah, I think I’ve been giving cycling (and just about everything else) a bit of a half effort of late.  Time to give myself a figurative kick in the pants and get out on that bike!  What would Ron Swanson say?

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