Staying Humble

5:17 AM

I get it, we got all proud and were deserving of a good, old fashioned beat-down.  We Minnesotans reveled in our warm, dry winter.  We got used to bringing the bike out whenever we wanted to, and even began to plan our workout weeks before consulting the weather report.  Then spring came and brought summer weather early, and we accepted the new reality without a single question or reservation. 

But the past couple of days have brought a return to more typical April temperatures, and it is difficult to keep the grumbles at bay.  Yesterday it was tempting to bag the workout and stay inside (38 degrees and windy).  Monday is the women’s ride on my team, and the message boards had remained ominously silent throughout the afternoon – perhaps everyone else was going to keep warm.  I finally decided to post for a ride, thinking that if no one else took the bait I could pat myself on the back for trying and put in a short (short) ride on my own.

When a teammate jumped on my post I dutifully put on all the cold weather gear that I thought I was done with.  For added insurance I stuffed four hand-warmers down my lobsters and pulled a scarf over my face.  As I went out the door I called to the spouse that I would be home soon, sure that I would be able to talk my teammate into a shorter route.

And then a great thing happened, which always happens when you ride with a good partner: I forgot about the cold and the wind, and got pulled into a conversation as we wound our way along the Mississippi River.  I didn’t even think twice when we turned off for a longer route that took us west of Minneapolis.  Two hours later, as the sun dipped toward the horizon and the temperatures really started to drop, my legs felt fresher than when we started.

So rather than focus on the new lows we are hitting, I can focus on a few of the good outcomes from the sudden dip in the mercury.  There is no worrying about putting on sunscreen when you are pulling out the leg warmers from the back of the drawer.  And the roads and paths are suddenly traffic-free!

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