The Transformation Begins...

7:35 PM

I knew it the moment I picked up my mountain bike from the shop with the newly installed fork – my honey needed some cosmetic surgery.  Maybe this is how it begins for those aging and stretched Hollywood actors – a little Botox in the brow, and suddenly you notice your jowls are sagging.  I’ve written about this before (Vanity, Thy Name is Merry*Death), but I’ve now moved beyond the thinking stage, and into the action stage on my bike’s paint job.

I went back-and-forth for a few weeks, and carried out some cursory research on the internet.  I found a local guy who paints bikes for a reasonable price; I checked out his reviews (all positive!) and pictures (neat-o!), but I still couldn’t get myself to even email him an inquiry.  I was uncomfortable with the idea of handing my bike over to a stranger.  I checked with my LBS mechanic to see if he had any suggestions, but his philosophy is all utilitarian (Paint a bike?  Why?), and he didn’t have any referrals he could make.

I feel incredibly foolish about this next part, but after more waffling the spouse finally asked me, “Why don’t you get your dad to paint it?” 

Duh.  My dad is an old truck enthusiast and is currently piecing together his second 1940s Dodge.  He does everything – welding, sandblasting, painting, upholstery, mechanical, electrical…wait, did I say painting?

Turns out we need one more tool to get the cranks off...
After a visit to his shop to check out his current paint selection (dad, like mechanic, is very utilitarian – Buy your own paint?  Why?  Just use what I’ve got.), I was lucky enough to fall in love with a deep, cherry red he has on hand.  This morning I took the mountain bike out for one last ride, then proceeded to pull off all the parts from back to front and place them in carefully labeled bags.  The bike was dropped off at Easter brunch, and with some luck and good weather, I should have a newly painted bike in a week!

Everything came off the bike easily, but I can’t help but think it will be a bit more difficult putting it all back together.  Then the awful wait will begin for the first scratch in the new paint job.  With my skills, that shouldn’t take long, and once that is over my bike will officially be mine again!

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