Want It Wednesday - Vanderkitten Focus Team Kit

5:50 AM

…and I’m back after a break (sometimes the world throws you a curve along with an unexpected 1,700 mile road trip) and ready to jump back in to blogging with another edition of Want It Wednesday – come and join the Want It fun by clicking here and signing on with Jez!

My attitude toward the cycling life tends toward the “it’s all good” end of the spectrum, as I feel cycling is too full of those with too many opinions that are expressed too forcefully.   However, I can get snarky at times, particularly when I see cyclists all fitted out in professional kits.  I am aware that other people will poke fun at me when I am resplendent in my own team kit (clearly I am a pathetic wannabe pro) and that is fine…in fact, it’s all good…  But the guys that lay out big bucks for a Garmin-Barracuda full kit to wear on their Sunday 30 mile ride always make me chuckle (especially when that lovely blue argyle is stretched to its limit across a rather wide gut, as it often is)…  It is good that they have lots of money to spend on their pristine bikes and team kits, as the teams always re-form under new names after the Silly Season, and that Team The Shack jersey gets dated pretty quickly.

Sorry, my snark-o-meter is pushing into the red zone, so let me get to my point.

Bridie O'Donnell looking very cooool!

There is one pro kit out there that I do want, and would wear with pride as it is both awesome looking, and represents a kick-ass team of women riders: the Vanderkitten Focus team kit.  Team Vanderkitten Focus is a cool group of women racers that you can see on the US summer circuit.  The clothing company has a great mission that actually goes beyond just cool kits:
“Vanderkitten started as an answer for women looking for casual apparel that acknowledged their prowess and achievements.  We then created fashion-forward, racing inspired cycling apparel for those who want to make a statement.  By integrating sport, design and apparel, we created a new model for sustainability of women’s sports…we just wish more companies had our courage because athletics are definitely better when women have an equal opportunity to kick ass!”
But let’s not forget the importance of a cool kit – awesome design, great colors, what is not to love?!

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