A Day at the Track - The Fixed Gear Classic

5:55 AM

You will have to forgive me, I was young(er) then, but way back in the late 1980s important people in the Twin Cities believed they could turn Minnesota into a sports event destination.  This was back when the Hubert H. Humphry Metrodome was an amazing new engineering wonder, not an outdated dome that deflated ignominiously in a snow storm. We may have lost the North Stars (rot in hell, Norm) but we were getting a new basketball team with the Timberwolves.  We had one World Series championship under our belts, and were only a few seasons away from our second.  Some may have even believed, breathlessly, that we were capable of an Olympic bid.

We weren’t, of course, but out of this enthusiasm came the National Sports Center in Blaine, MN which included soccer fields as far as the eye can see, a track and field stadium with an indoor warm-up facility, ice rinks (Minnesota), and the upper-midwest’s only Velodrome.

Thursday night is track night in Minnesota, where you can head out to the NSC to watch the races and drink beer with friends.  The only other time anyone from the cities voluntarily heads to this exceedingly flat, depressing, and very highway-centric exurb is when the NSC hosts the Velodrome Cyclocross race in October.  Well, not the only other time, because the week before the Nature Valley Grand Prix, the Velodrome hosts the Fixed Gear Classic.  Amazing racers from around the world (A World Champion!  A two-time stage winner from the Tour de France!) come to our little track and do amazing things.

A day at the track…
Super Sprint
Women's Points Race (60 laps, sprint every 10)
The Madison, or Americanne, with crazy exchanges
The Madison
More from the Madison - tricky to capture the exchanges

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