Want It Wednesday - Custom Head Badge

8:19 AM

It is Wednesday once again, and once again I am joining in Want It Wednesday!  Want to join Want It?  Check out Jez’s site for details and others who Want It, Want It, Want It!

This spring, my mountain bike was transformed when I stripped it down and had my dad paint it a deep red.  In the process I obviously lost all of the original bike decals.  A few friends have suggested that I get some custom decals put on, but I have to say that I like my simple bike.  Everyone else can have their blinged-out bikes with flashy decals while my bike retains her focus for racing only.  (The only thing I have added since the paint job is a blue-collar chain guard made out of electrical tape and a portion of an old bike tube.)

While I like my simple bike, I have been tempted of late to complete the look with a custom head badge.  My inspiration comes from the color of my bike – as my dad’s hobby is rebuilding old Dodge trucks, my bike is now painted Dodge Red.  Why not play off of the color’s origins with a riff on a goat head?  It plays tribute to the Dodge logo, and also works well for a mountain bike that will (hopefully) gracefully hop over rocks that two-footed mortals would shy away from. 

A quick internet search has led me down the rabbit hole into way too many choices.  A few possibilities:

Getting a custom job – here are just a few samples from Revolution Cycle Jewelry’s portfolio:

It turns out there actually was a line of Mountain Goat Bikes produced in the 1980s and 90s, and their head badges are still out there:

(To be honest, I’m not sure about this idea – I don’t have a Mountain Goat Bike, so it would be a bit odd to have their head badge.)

Or I could comb the internet and buy one of the thousands of old head badges that are out there ready for purchase:

So many choices, so little time!

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