Want It Wednesday - HED Ardennes LT Wheels

5:49 AM

Oh, Want It Wednesday, when all our inner cycling desires bubble to the surface and our wallets run screaming for the hills…  Want to join?  Check it out at Jez’s site by clicking here!

The Mid-Life Crisis Bike is going to happen, just not this year.  Leave it to me to actually plan out my mid-life crisis, but that’s just how I roll.  I’ve pretty much got the bike all picked out – a beautiful road bike that is far too good for me – I’ve just got to take some time to accept the number at the bottom of the credit card receipt. 

I know myself, and I know it will be very difficult for me to spend this much money on something I don’t actually need.  I can jump on board for some frivolous spending here and there, but this bike is going to put me in the stratosphere of spending.  One way to help me over the psychological barrier will involve buying the wheels this year – lower the price for next year and get something fun to enjoy now!

It is not difficult to pick HED wheels for my new wheelset.  HED wheels are made locally in Minnesota; while you can always support your local bike shop through purchases, you don’t often get the opportunity to support local manufacturers.  HED also makes damn great wheels.  They are among the pioneers of 23mm rims, as opposed to the standard 19mm rims.  The benefits of this are numerous: lower pressure, less chance for pinch flats, more lateral surface contact for excellent cornering, on and on…  One final selling point for me – they are not too bling-tastic, but rather have a nice, low-key design.

So, sometime in the next week or so I will find myself wandering into my LBS to make this Want It a Have It!

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