Want It Wednesday - Portable Power Washer for Cyclocross

3:26 PM

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It happened two days ago…someone uttered the “C” word.  No, not that C-word – I wasn’t watching Bilbo Wiggins – no, two days ago a teammate mentioned the possibility of our first organized Cyclocross practice.

I know, I know…it isn’t even August.  But Katie Compton started her ‘cross season three weeks ago in New Zealand, and there was a big race last night in North Carolina that drew a lot of the awesome American riders, so why not start looking forward to some mud, barriers, and beer?

Speaking of mud, last year at US Nationals I saw a few smart-minded folks with portable power washers, and I immediately got green with jealousy.  These nifty gadgets are battery powered, so you don’t have to have a direct connection to electricity.  They are small (this one that I have my eye on carries about 3.5 gallons of water) and would easily fit in the trunk of my car with the tool box and wheels.  I've also seen that they pack a good punch when cleaning assorted mud, grass, rocks and slime from your dirty CX bike. 

I’ve been to too many cyclocross races that don’t have a cleaning station for bikes, or have an inadequate one (just one little hose for over a hundred riders and very little water pressure).  With this machine I can bypass the line, clean off my bike like a pro, and get to the beer drinking that much quicker.  And with the leftover water I can even clean myself up a bit for my podium…ok, for my imagined podium…

These guys to the right clearly don't understand how to use the gadget, but I'm sure I can re-purpose it into an awesome bike cleaning machine!

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