Want it Wednesday - Skratch Lab's Exercise Hydration Drink

5:30 AM

We want things everyday, but only on Want It Wednesday do we share our cycling desires to the world!  Want to join this select group?  Check out Jezs site here!

For today's Want It Wednesday, I am going to change it up and highlight a consumable product I recently found through my LBS: Skratch Lab's Exercise Hydration Drink.

I have always had difficulty with sports drinks, going way back to my marathoning days. It wasn't possible for me to survive the entire 26.2 miles on just water, so coordinating some type of food and fluid replacement was an important part of my training.  It became very clear early on that I wouldn't be able to survive on the popular bars and goos available.  Those things hit my stomach like a sledge hammer and would have me doubled over within minutes.  The drinks were only slightly better - I was always conscientious and researched the drink they would be serving in the water stations (usually something like Accelerade), but the stuff was always terrible.  Horrible taste, gut punching cramps.  Yuck.  In 9 marathons I never got it right.

Now with cycling I continue to struggle with hydration.  On long rides I get so sick of water that I actually cannot make myself drink, and water alone isn’t enough to replenish what I am sweating away.  Enter Skratch Lab’s Exercise Hydration Drink.

The mixture comes from the people who brought us The Feed Zone Cookbook (I am working my way through some of the recipes, and will write in more detail about my experiences in the future).  We purchased an envelope of it because the recommendation came from a very trusted and knowledgeable source.  She explained that while other drinks have all the right ingredients on their label, they really only have them in tiny amounts that are not likely to help you.  The Skratch Labs stuff, apparently, actually has them in amounts that are likely to be effective.

My initial reaction was surprise at the mild taste - there is really only a hint of flavor in the drink (we selected orange for our initial trial).  It also isn’t overwhelming salty or sugary.  I suspect this is why I am able to drink without the dreaded stomach cramps that usually come after other hydration drinks.  

Now, as far as improving my performance (the Lab’s website claims the pros they work with feel and perform better because of this “secret drink mix”), c’mon, I’m not a pro.  I can say that I like the stuff enough to keep buying it, I’ve felt great on the long rides I have used it on, and during our recent heat wave (eight straight days of 90s and 100s) I found it to be an invaluable tool in maintaining my hydration.   

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