Want It Wednesday - Mission Workshop Sanction Rucksack

6:24 AM

While athletes from all over the world compete in London to go Citius, Altius, Fortius (What’s that?  You don’t speak Latin?  Yeah, that would be Faster, Higher, Stronger.), a select group of bloggers know the true competition lies in Want It Wednesday.  WIW is the day we strive together to seek the ultimate cycling related item to make us most happy…and you thought competing for your country was as altruistic as it got!  Curious?  Check out Jez’s site here for the details!

While I have been a fair weather commuter in the past (literally – I only biked to work on beautifully sunny days when the temperatures were mild and the winds were light), in two weeks I am going to jump into the deep end of the commuting pool.  This, of course means, getting ready for a wide variety of temperatures (in Minnesota we have been known to drop into the 30s and climb into the 90s in September) and preparing for the inevitable wet commute.

Mission Workshop Sanction Rucksack
What am I looking for in a commuting bag?  I prefer the back-pack style (all messenger bags I’ve tried have uncomfortable straps that cut into my collarbone), and would like one that isn’t very bulky (don’t need to carry the kitchen sink around with me).  It needs to have handy pockets that are protected with waterproof zippers.  And, of course, it needs to have a bit of style.

At this point I’m looking at a few from Chrome and Banjo Brothers, but have started to lean toward the Mission Workshop Sanction Rucksack.  It definitely fits the bill in that it has plenty of room for my stuff (shoes, clothes, lunch, and some lovely paperwork) without being overly roomy.  The weatherproofing is actually what is drawing me most to the Sanction – the other packs have weatherproofing, but unfortunately they are very bulky because of it…all that rolling over of heavy canvas.  The Sanction achieves dryness with a simple fold and awesome zippers. 

Finally, you have to love the look of the Sanction – in fact, I may not be hip enough to bike with this (I’ll have to get skinny jeans and start riding a pimped-out single speed with a retro Brooks saddle).  There is only one more thing I need to do before I actually plunk down my credit card on the Sanction: accept the price.  At $180 I have to make sure I’m really in love with this rucksack before making that ultimate commitment.

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