Want It Wednesday - The Rale Commuting Pant from Club Ride

5:41 AM

Sam S - my future
Want to know how popular Want It Wednesday is?  Cyclingdirt.com recently put together their own gallery of “wants” for “How to Spend $240,805 This Cyclocross Season” (though they completely forgot to link to Jez’s site to let everyone else in on the twice-monthly mayhem…).  My personal favorite selection?  Hiring Sam Smith to document your cross season for the masses.

Thankfully, my Want It Wednesday this week does not involve spending nearly a quarter of a million dollars (though, as always with cycling gear, is just a bit more expensive than you would expect).

About a month ago I got to go to a special, invite-only Ladies night at my LBS.  The after-hours event featured drinks, appetizers, a DJ, and several representatives from various cycling companies presenting their woman-specific gear.  It was nice to see so many options for women that weren’t simply “shrink-it and pink-it” versions of the men’s products.  Among the jerseys, bib-shorts, t-shirts, and techie wear I discovered the Rale Commuting Pant from Club Ride.
Club Ride's Rale Pant

These are not just a pair of stretchy pants.  Made from a thick, breathable fabric they provide comfort and some water resistance.  Their special construction means no thick and awkward seams in the area of your…ahem…delicates, and a higher back at the waist ensures good coverage while you ride.  While I have plenty of choices when it comes to commuting knickers and shorts, these are the first pants that I’ve seen that actually fit as full pants (and they do really look like jeans).  Finally, they have a nifty reflective strip sewn on the inside of the right leg – revealed when you roll up the pant for your ride to work.

The down sides to the Rale Pant?  I’m still waiting for these to be available.  They are a part of their 2013 line – and while it was 95 yesterday, I fear cold temperatures will arrive before the Rale Pant does.  And then there is the price.  Though not finalized, the rep. mentioned something in the $140 - $160 range.  On the other hand, with the dearth of good quality commuting pants, I could definitely see myself dropping that much cash on these because of the heavy use they are likely to get…

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