EC3 Rivers CX Race Report & PSA for Merry*Death

5:30 AM

Dear Merry*Death of the Future,

I am writing you this note to (hopefully) remind you of the consequences of selecting a race with convenience being your first concern.  I know it can take you multiple experiences to get something through your surprisingly thick skull (remember how long it took you to realize that a good warm-up can actually help your race?), but perhaps you can look back on this friendly reminder in the future to avoid the race experience you had yesterday.

You had a decision to make this weekend between the Saturday Metal Cross in Saint Cloud and the EC3 Rivers Cross in Elm Creek.  Each had their pros and cons…

Metal Cross…Pros: a course suited to your strengths (hilly, only one open flat section), familiarity (rode it two years ago, loved it), and competition (CRY races tend to bring out more crossers).  Cons: because of his work schedule, the Spouse cannot race Saturdays, and it involved a 90-minute drive each way.

EC3 Rivers…Pros: proximity and convenience.  Cons: size (last year was the first year, and not that many people showed up), and then there were those red flags about the course itself.  Like the experienced crosser who called it a “grass crit.”  Or all the love the roadies heaped on the course.  But in making your decision you kept coming back to…well…it would be an easier race to fit into the weekend…

Hopefully you have learned your lesson…remember how ridiculously flat that course was?  Remember when you finished (DFL – woo-hoo!) how your bike computer registered 27 mph as your fastest speed?  Yeah, that isn’t a cross course…

And while a race that falls a bit outside your comfort zone can be good for you once in a while, Sunday was nothing but a kick in the pants.

Next year, no EC3.  Take the drive, go to Saint Cloud.



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