Race Report - Twilight Cross

5:15 AM

I planned to race Saturday at Baker Orchard, but a stupid crash at the start and a bent derailleur hanger stopped my race just a few seconds in…so I went out to Twilight Cross on Sunday.  Partly as a way to get a race, partly as punishment for messing up Saturday. 

Twilight Cross is held on the truck training track out at Dakota County Technical College:

Flat Earth Society
Flat.  No technical elements.  No hills.  Lots of asphalt.  In other words: a criteriums that just happens to be on cross bikes.  I suck at criteriums.

Lesson: sometimes no race is better than a stupid race.  Never again, Twilight Cross, never again.

See that little bump there?  Yep, that was the run-up.
Season recap so far: two awesome cross races in Madison, four crappy grass crits.  Here’s hoping things get back on track with some real cross racing next weekend!

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