Race Report/Race Report: Green Acres CX & Jackson Meadow CX

5:26 AM

Green Acres CX is, hands-down, the best cyclocross race on the Minnesota calendar.  It’s located at a great venue where you can enjoy your beer and brat (always part of your entry fee) while seeing about 80% of the course.  And the course is awesome – a killer hill, sketchy descent, sandy beer-and-dollar-soaked run-up, and this year the introduction of Minnesota’s first flyover!

Having fun on the flyover!
Unfortunately, my race didn’t go very well.  Because of my lovely local federation, my race is held amongst the largest field of men (usually at least double the men’s 1/2 and 3 races, and on Saturday it was triple), and while most of the men are nice, the more aggressive of them can really suck.  On Saturday I got shoved through the first set of barriers and was barely able to stay on my feet, and found myself on more than one occasion getting manhandled into the weeds.  The frustrating chaos threw me for the first half of the race and I just couldn’t find a rhythm. 

I hate getting to the end of a race and feeling like it was a wasted effort, but since I really only felt good for the last three laps…well, so it goes.  Lesson learned?  I have to fight a bit more to maintain my line against those combative old guys – there is nothing fun about getting roughed up in a race, particularly when you’re not actually competing against your attackers…

That's me - in the back of the 4s!

So, I looked to Sunday’s race at Jackson Meadow to clean out the bad taste of Saturday.  Jackson Meadow is a beautiful CX course that runs through the ski trails of a planned richey-rich community of matching houses (some call it creepy, I think it is pretty).  This was my first weekend race with the men’s 4s, and I had a great time.  No pushing and shoving, no yelling, just a great race.  Though I got gapped off a little sooner than I wanted (I was hoping to do a little fishing, but Jackson Meadow is more of a power course) I did get a great interval workout in to complete the double weekend.  Another benefit of the 4s?  I’m done early and get to enjoy the rest of the races with a hot cup of coffee…

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