Minnesota Mountain Bike Series 2013 Preview!

6:54 PM

Got a nice pic (and a pint
glass) for the award

Last weekend was the annual party for the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series – a fun evening out at Quality Bike Parts.  I got to pick up my award for second place in my age class for the Sport category, not too bad (just don't ask how many women were in the category...more than two!).  The woman who won the category is definitely a stronger mountain biker (this year!), and as we both move up to the next age category next year we’ll get a rematch.

And next year’s series was definitely on everyone’s mind – the organizers of the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series gave everyone a preview of next year’s calendar.  It is not finalized, of course, but it is fun to start planning…

May 19: St. Croix Woolly – we didn’t go to the Woolly this year because it was scheduled so late we were actually at a cyclocross race that day.  I’m excited to see the course as the opener next year, particularly because I heard there is a rock garden/feature that is pretty much un-rideable by everyone but the experts.

June 2: Bluff Riders Charge – I always have a soft spot in my heart for Mt. Kato, as it was my second ever mountain bike race.  This past summer I got to experience the Sport course, and loved the awesome downhill berms at the end of the lap.

June 9: Cuyuna!...

(tentative) – this is, by far, the most anticipated race on the calendar.  Cuyuna is Minnesota’s newest, world-class mountain bike area, and I can’t wait to race there.  There are so many trails, so many different terrains to choose from, I can’t wait to see what they throw at us!

June 23: Red Wing Classic, State Championship – of the series’ races, this is my favorite course, and one of the few we actually ride at other times of the year.  Next year I will make it up Stairway to Heaven!  The fact that they have chosen this race as the state championships makes it even better…

July 14: Birch Bump, Buck Hill – sucky course, sucky race.  When you complete as many laps in a mountain bike race as I typically do in a cross race, you know something is wrong.  I’m going to make the right decision this year by not racing this weekend.  If we take off the Birch Bump, that gives us a month to plan a return to Colorado for vacation.

July 21: Great Hawk Chase – Duluth – a good one to come back to in mid-summer.  This past summer was my first Great Hawk Chase, and I will definitely be heading back north for the trail of two halves: up, up, up, and down, down, down!

August 4: Border Crossing – River Falls, WI – this is the mountain bike trail that the Spouse and I head to most often (just 35 minutes away over the state line).  Best course on the calendar, bar none.

August 18: Dirt Spanker - Superior, WI – the Spouse is looking forward to this race because of the massive hill you get to/have to climb each lap…I’m thinking I may take this day off…

September 1: Laddies Loppet and September 22: Single Track Escape - next year may be the first time for both of these races.  Laddies Loppet is Minnesota’s only mountain bike stage race, and people say it is a great way to spend Labor Day Weekend.  And since the cross season started with a series of crappy grass crits, the Single Track Escape might find its way onto my race plan as well.

What is missing? 

No race out at Hillside, which everyone (except me…hee-hee!) is pretty upset about…

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