November Intentions...

6:54 PM

I was looking over my last post and I was thinking: Huh, a rest is definitely in order.  But so is a bit of re-focusing.

Sometimes cycling can wield an influence on my life that is a bit oversized.  Days revolve around workouts and everything else in my life that I like to do suffers.  And, as much as this feels a bit blasphemous to say – there is life beyond the bike.

So to get myself back on track I’m going to write down some things I want to accomplish for the next month.  I hate the word “goals,” so I’m not going to use it (it has too much of a 1980s-self-help-guide-vibe about it).  I just want to remind myself that there are other things beyond cycling that are worth my time and energy in the coming weeks (but, of course, I will also include cycling).

I want to race hard and rest hard in November.  The races I have scheduled for the next month are not big ones, so they give me the perfect opportunity to try some new tactics.  Rather than my usual cautious start, why not go for the hole shot and then hold on for dear life?  November also holds the possibility of resting hard – there is more than one weekend where I could choose to not race.  I think it would be good if I passed on the opportunity every once in awhile.   

My family unit is awesome – just the Spouse and I – and we pretty much do everything together.  No worries about connecting.  My desire for November is to spend more time being disconnected while we connect (ugh…that came out cheesy…sorry).  Essentially, I want to spend more time with the Spouse where one and/or both of us is not on an internet-ready device. 

My reading has always gone up and down over the years.  There are times when I am constantly reading two books at a time, each week bringing a new novel or non-fiction work into the rotation.  For the past six months my reading has petered off into almost nothing.  My modest goal for November is to read two books.  I can’t even say which two books, because I have yet to find them…

Time to battle old age and Alzheimer’s by learning something new.  I picked up the guitar in September, and I want to find my way back to it.  Come December 1, I want to have at least three chords at the ready – then, I will be all set to form my band!

There is nothing like November to bring out the gourmet in all of us – the holiday calendar gives us the opportunity to really pull out all the stops.  This Thanksgiving the Spouse and I are spending the weekend alone up on the North Shore, but rather than trek into town for an overpriced buffet I want to make a fabulous, traditional Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings: meat for the Spouse (maybe not turkey…they are kind of big), wild rice stuffing, candied yams, mashed potato rolls, cranberry sauce, green bean almondine, and pumpkin pie!

Getting Out
Easy – must go see the Chinese Terracotta Warrior exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Not so much fun, but I think it is important to throw in a bit of the practical.  This summer the Spouse and I put in a new glass tile backsplash in the kitchen.  We then picked out new wall paint and even went so far as to splash a couple swaths on one of the walls.  It is time to fill in the negative space, and finish the paint job.

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