Want It Wednesday - FMB Tubulars

4:12 AM

Today I celebrate the triumphant return of Want It Wednesday!  Excuse me, the triumphant return of the NEW and IMPROVED Want It Wednesday – where you can want something every darn Wednesday if you want to want!  Joint he linky party fun over at Jez’s site by clicking here!

Oooh, pretty!
So I am actually writing this WIW post on Tuesday evening as a diversion from turning on the television.  I will be honest and let you know that I am finding it difficult to focus on my cycling wants when I have so many politically-related wants waiting to be resolved.  But WIW will come to my rescue and save me from obsessively checking exit polls…

Since I cannot concentrate on my own wants, I’ve decided to dedicate this WIW post to one of the Spouse’s wants.  While you can rely on me to want some awesome bike stuff, the Spouse really sets the bar high in boutique cycling gear.  And lately he has his eye on a set of FMB Cotton SSC Tubular Tires.

These tires are for the true connoisseur.  Francois Marie Boyaux (Boyaux = tubular) makes hand built tires.  Now, if you are a doofus like me who rides around on a pair of Michelin Mud clinchers, read no further.  However, if you can appreciate a natural cotton casing on a hand-crafted tire that combines both subtleness and low rolling resistance, then get ready to plunk down $115 for each of these beauties. 

Why should you do this? 

Well, here is the thing about cyclocross.  Crossers all profess to be the “working class” members of the cycling family – they appreciate a steel frame, attempt their own barbering (with often…interesting results), stop mid-race for a Jamison hand-up, run steep hills for tips, and ironically drink cans of PBR whilst standing around a bonfire after their race. 

But look closer and you will see that steel frame is a custom Indy Fab, those wheels are hand-built Enves with Kris King hubs, and yes, that is a battery pack you see strapped to the down tube that is powering the Di2 gruppo.  Proletariats they are not.

So why not give in to your high-end bike lusts?  And if you really want to separate yourself (and really, who just wants to be a member of the 1% when you can be a member of the .01%?), you’ll get yourself a pair of tires from the guy who built Tom Boonen’s winning Roubaix tires!

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