Want it Wednesday - The Search for the New Mountain Bike, Part 1

9:14 PM

My perfectly serviceable Fuji Roubaix RC

Welcome to a very special edition of Want It Wednesday, where my want is so BIG, I have to space it out over two weeks!  Want to join the Want it Wednesday frenzy?  Check out the link to Jez's site here!

I had a dream mid-life-crisis bike all picked out, just needed to go visit the LBS and put down a deposit.  (It was a road bike, titanium, and so beautiful I swear it glowed.)

But then, I got to thinking.  I originally decided to go for the road bike because that is the bike I put the most miles on in a year, the one I spend the most quality time with.  It is also, thankfully, the bike I currently feel most comfortable on.  Sure, my road bike (a four-year-old Fuji Roubaix RC) is not fancy, only has carbon stays and a fork, and is probably a bit overweight when compared to the high end road bikes out there…but I really love that bike.  I can ride forever on it.  And now that I have new Hed wheels, I feel darn fast on it.  So why not keep it?

Then I started dreaming of a new mountain bike.  Not to replace my awesome 26er, but a brand, spankin’ new 29er to add to our household mountain bike collection.  And while I had been smitten with visions of my new road bike for months, they floated away in moments when I began to dream of my new mountain bike.

And so…the contenders…

My price range is $3,000 - $4,000.  I’m looking for a 29er, I prefer a Fox fork, and definitely want UST wheels.  I’m not looking to build up a bike (no patience for that), and I would like to buy from an actual person, not off the internet.

My first two contenders are the ones I am leaning toward the most, and for one important reason: they are sold by my favorite LBS.  Now Bikes is a great shop with awesome mechanics, and they have rewarded our loyalty with some great deals.  Clearly, I want to continue to throw business their way…

Scott Scale 910
With the Scott Scale 910 I would get a good carbon frame and Shimano XT components.  I’ve heard people make the argument that you should buy for the frame, because you can always upgrade your components later.  Then I remember that I’ve never actually upgraded any of my components, so this may not be the best logic for making the decision.  I’m not very excited about the wheel set (Syncros?), but everything else looks good. 

This bike is definitely on the top of my list.

BMC TeamElite TE29
This is an aluminum frame, but comes with better wheels.  Most of the builds out there are Sram, which I’ve never ridden on a mountain bike.  There are also some really good deals out there right now on this bike, so if it didn’t come with everything I wanted, I would still have some change to shift around components (kind-of a pain, but possible).  Then there is the BMC Team Elite TE02 (the TE01 is out of my range), which might be possible, though I cannot find a price on it right now (the TE01 is around $4,500, so the TE02 might be in my range).  This comes with a carbon frame and is fitted with Shimano XT components.

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