December Intentions

10:06 AM

A new month begins, though I cannot say it snuck up on me.  Because of Thanksgiving, Christmas and the accompanying days off of work, I am always hyper-conscious of the days in November and December.  Last month I started a new habit of posting some intentions for the month, and this was also something that drifted in and out of my awareness for the past month.  Hate to say it, but committing them to a post was a good way to stay on track…

So how did I do?  Mixed bag.  I rested from cycling, and I think it helped to get me ready for the last part of the season (we’ll see – the two-day Minnesota state championships starts today).  I had a great Thanksgiving weekend with the Spouse, actually finished two books, and finished painting 80% of the kitchen (good enough?). 

So what’s up for this month…

Judy Freeman posted a link on Facebook recently that nicely encapsulates what I want to do in my last couple of races (Badger cross next weekend, and then perhaps nothing until Nationals): “direct your concentration to staying calm and performing in the moment.  In short, you must discipline yourself to concentrate on what you’re doing in the NOW of the performance.”  (Source: CompetitiveAdvantage)

We are looking forward to a Christmas road trip to see family out East, so the intention is simple: enjoy time with those I don’t get to see often, listen to find out what is new in their lives, and share.

Alright, my reading life exists again.  For this month I’m going to up the order: three books.  I’ve already started Tyler Hamilton’s The Secret Race, and have a stack from the library waiting to be cracked.

I’m a craft dork, but I’ve neglected this for the past couple of months because of cycling.  Time to get back with some simple crochet.  Additionally, it is time to get that sewing machine out of the closet and to the repair shop.  I bought a new book of Scandinavian Needlecraft for inspiration, but I’ll need the machine to get started…

Food & Budget
There is nothing like planning for a new bike purchase to get one thinking about the budget.  It started in November, and it will continue into the New Year – limit eating out to once every two weeks, plan and buy for the meals properly.

Getting Out
Haven’t seen the Terracotta Warrior exhibit yet, so we still need to get to that in December.  (We did get out to see Cindy Sherman’s excellent photographs at the Walker, so November didn’t pass without any culture.)  For December, something a bit lower on the culture scale: the 2012 British Arrows Awards is always a fun night out.

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