Hey, This is Where I Live: Bandit Cross - Ruining It For Everybody

5:32 AM

Bandit Cross: Ruining It For Everybody from Quality Bicycle Products on Vimeo.

This video came out a couple of weeks ago, and I finally got around to watching it…

I’ve never participated in any of the local bandit cross or alley cat races (perhaps the barriers to entering are just too high…tee-hee), but I spectated at the Hobo Camp one this year.  I liked the vibe at the race because it was like the vibe at any cross race: mellow, friendly, beer-chillin’ fun.  (For the record, I’ve never seen anyone throw a hissy fit at a cross race and kick his helmet.) 

Ruining it for everybody?  Nah - it would be great if we could get cyclocross back in the city, though I doubt these races will prevent that from happening.  I think it is cool that we have these to round out our cross race selections.  And if the MCF continues to fill the early season calendar with criteriums disguised as cross races I will definitely be looking for one of these – that Minnehaha course looks like some killer fun!

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