Want It Wednesday - The Maloja MatildaM Skinsuit & Some Courage

8:05 AM

There were a few times waaaay back in summer when I actually struggled with my Want It Wednesdays (join the link party by visiting Jez’s site here) – I was happy with my bikes, gear, everything.  I was sated.  Content.  At one with the cycling universe. 

Now that the holidays are upon us I have corporate America to thank for reminding me of all the things I didn’t know I want.  Gift lists abound for those of us addicted to two-wheeled transportation, and in perusing one of them (What a Girl Wants:Holiday Gifts for the Female Cyclo-phile) I discovered a new want that is perhaps my most ridiculous want ever. 

To every woman who ever wanted to stand out at a cross race, I present the Maloja MatildaM Skinsuit

Ain’t it pretty?  Bear with me, as my high school Deutsch is a bit rusty, but I believe these are the claims presented on the website: the MatildaM is guaranteed to make you at least 24% faster, provide you with the ability to fly over the barriers, and reduce the weight of your bike to a mere 2.6 pounds when carried on your shoulder.  Though they make no guarantee, they also report that woman who wore this in test races earned an average of $62 in hand-ups for every 30 minutes raced. 

Would I wear it?  Difficult to say, which is why this Want It Wednesday is actually a double feature.  I want the skinsuit and the courage to wear it.  Seriously, how awesome would it be to line up at a cross race with that suit on?!

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