4 Simple Goals for February

4:58 AM

I always love the first day of February – so many things to celebrate.  January is over for another year, the month that is traditionally the coldest and darkest in Minnesota.  And February always seems to run smoother than the month of Janus – three days less will do that.  And February means we are one step closer to March, when outdoor cycling seems a real possibility…
So here are my 4 simple goals for the month:
  1. Make a plan for the mountain bike season.  The Minnesota Mountain Bike Series official dates were finally posted, and there was some surprise differences from the preview we got last November.  With fewer races this year, I’m going to need to branch out and find some other races to do.  I’m looking for races in the 15 – 30 mile range, and nothing that requires more than a half-day of travel…there must be some choices out there…
  2. Commit to the weekly intervals on the trainer.  January was a month of slothful rest, but it is time to pick up the pace and get my butt back in shape.  I loathe the trainer, but in order to have a good March and April, I have to have a strong February.
  3. Strength training two-times a week.  While I spent the second half of January avoiding the bike, I was actually able to get into a groove with the strength training.  My new strength workout is simple and flexible, and seriously knocks me down.  I’m looking forward to the end of February, when I can get out of bed the morning after my strength workout and not go, “Ouch!”
  4. Make something new each week out of The Feed Zone Cookbook.  I’ve enjoyed a bunch of the recipes from this book, but we’ve gotten into a rut by going back to the same ones repeatedly.  Time for something new each week to bring some variety back into the winter eating plan.

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