Want It Wednesday - Spring Break at Ray's MTB!

8:44 PM

It’s time for another timely Want It Wednesday (just click here to join in the fun!), and when we get to the depths of February all I can think about is SPRING BREAK!

Remember back in college when you and your buddies spent your student aid checks on crazy fun vacations to places like Cancun, New Orleans, and Miami?

You do?  Good.  Because back then I was being a good student and spending my spring break picking up extra shifts as a cook at Pizza Hut.

Ok, so I’ve never been much of a rebel, but I think I am finally ready for my spring break moment – that carefree vacation where you head off to someplace exotic, hole up in a cheep hotel, spend too much money on fruity alcohol drinks, stay up way past your bedtime, and eat terrible fried food. 

And since I’ve never done this before, I want to go to someplace really awesome: San Francisco, Austin, New York…no, someplace even better – Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

Why Milwaukee?  Easy: Ray’s MTB!

What is Ray’s?  An amazing indoor mountain bike park set up in an old Menards warehouse.  Judging from assorted YouTube videos and first-hand accounts from a couple of my friends, Ray’s has everything you could want: jumps, skinnies, a cross country track, ascents, descents, teeters, and even a foam pit!  And no snow anywhere in sight!  Check out the video here:

We are entering that part of the winter where I am at my crankiest.  I’m tired of running in the cold, skiing in the cold (I know, I know, skiing kind of goes with cold), and mountain biking in the cold.  I’m ready to get my new mountain bike out on a pump track and see what it can do, and I don’t want to wait until April to do it.  So, this Want It Wednesday is dangerously close to becoming a Have It in the near future – if I can swing it with the Spouse and a few vacation days…Milwaukee, here we come!

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