4 Simple Goals for March

8:12 AM

Whew, January and February have left me uninspired. 

There are hints of spring.  We have gone a whole week without snow accumulation, and there was enough sun and above freezing temperatures this week to melt the three inches of ice that was making our driveway a skating rink.  The city threw down swaths of neon-green salt mixed with other chemicals, and while I shudder to think of the environmental impact, the roads are actually getting cleared. 

Still, while March has come in like a lamb this year (look out for the lion), it still feels like road biking is a long way away.  Luckily, this weekend’s bitter cold means I can shred the mountain bike trails on crispy frozen ground, rather than slog through melting snow.  My 4 simple goals for March:

  1. Get back to commuting by bike.  Last fall I made it all the way into December, when we got our first major ice storm and truly bitter temperatures that hovered around zero.  It turns out I’m not hard-core enough to put on my studded cross tires and wear ski-goggles to work.  But now with morning temperatures getting back into the 20s and roads that are nearly ice-free, it is time to get back in the commuting routine. 
  1. Manage my book list.  I stopped buying books about 10 years ago out of a sense of thrift and because we live in a small house with too many books.  To compensate it helps to maintain a good request list at the local library.  (Want to read that new book everyone is talking about?  If you get it on your list now you will actually read it in about 14 months.)  My list is about empty, which means I’m not reading much right now.  With some consistent maintenance I know my reading will rebound. 
  1. Blog three times a week.  This has actually been my goal for the last couple of months, but I really ran out of material in the deep winter.  Time to get the creativity flowing again, read through other cycling blogs for inspiration, and reconnect with my writing. 
  1. Go back to the doctor.  The last time I saw my doctor she set me up with an albuterol inhaler for my recently diagnosed asthma.  While I did see some improvement in the severity of my asthma attacks during cross, I was still plagued with the damn things.  My annual physical will be a good time to push this again with my doctor and see if we can use my spring training to try additional treatments.  

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