Updated Score - Winter: 82, Merry*Death: 4

4:47 AM

It is time to call it and give up.  Surrender.  Throw up the white flag.  Yield.  Capitulate.  Concede.  Crumble.  Give in.  Give up.  Give way.   

Throw in the towel.

I faced January and February with optimism and plans for being flexible with my workouts.  If the weather threw me a curve, I was ready with an alternative activity.  The first two months of the year were all about rest and recovery, so all was well.

March was supposed to be about building, but March completely dismantled any training plans I had.  Too much snow to bike safely on the roads, but not enough snow for good skiing.  Temperatures that are 10-20 degrees below normal, but warm enough to make mountain biking available only for a narrow window of frozen hours in the morning (and always when I have to work).

Oh, and the stupid weather man keeps reminding us that “last year at this time it was 80 degrees out!”

Not.  Helping.

My team training camp is three weeks away…and I’m not sure I’m going to be in shape enough to get in shape with my teammates…

So what does giving up look like?  Not sure.  To begin with, no more plans – just get out and do whatever activity I can for however long I can.  Also, no looking back – I can’t change what I haven’t been able to get into the workout schedule, just what I do in the future. 

And finally, maybe a little of the old “racing into shape” plan that I’ve derided in the past.  April, May and June might get a bit ugly, but will give me plenty of time to get ready for a great July and August!

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