4 Simple Goals for April

4:42 AM

Last week, spring finally sprang here in Minnesota.  We didn’t hit that magical knee-warmer zone of the mid-50s, but it did warm up enough for me to get nearly 10 hours on the bike outside!  It is amazing what one good week on the bike can do for your confidence.  I’m not feeling like I can take on the world (or even a category 4 road race), but I’m thinking the team training camp in less than two weeks will not be a total disaster.  Time for some goals for April:

1. Really get back to commuting by bike.  This was a goal for last month, but a couple of ice storms and bitter cold temperatures kept me from following through.  Maybe in the future I can be a die-hard year-round commuter, but for now I will settle for fair-weather cycling. 

2. Approach the big training camp ride with confidence.  It will be about 78 miles, and I know this is nothing to the distances traveled by my fellow cyclists who knock off centuries with ease.  But for me, particularly this year when my longest ride so far is a measly 30 miles, those miles (and the accompanying elevation chart) is looking mighty intimidating…

3. Seek out racing online.  I woke up early on Easter morning and just googled “Tour of Flanders live stream” by chance – and spent the next four hours watching an amazing race.  Go Spartacus!  I’ve missed watching the pro events, and there are some great ones coming up.  Time to seek them out on the web to get inspired. 

4. This last one is aspirational, but I’m hoping to get out on my new mountain bike this month.  The trails are closed for now, and won’t reopen until the freeze/thaw cycle is complete and warmer temperatures dominate.  Then, we just have to hope for dry weather…

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