Turning the Corner...

3:39 AM

Do you hear that?

That sound of about 5 million Minnesotans breathing a sigh of relief?  Or is it the sound of said Minnesotans finally letting out their collective breath? 

Please understand I make this next statement while simultaneously knocking on wood, holding a lucky rabbit’s foot, crossing my fingers, and avoiding all cracks in the sidewalk: Spring has finally sprung in the Great North. 

Oh, it didn’t go out without one more wallop, blanketing us with another four inches of wet, heavy snow earlier in the week.  Facebook friends joked about commuting to work on their fat bikes, and I think everyone by now has dropped out of the 30 Days of April biking challenge, but for once the new accumulation didn’t usher in the howling of anguish the last couple of storms brought with them.

It really was pretty...

 We knew it was over.  Within a day most of the snow was gone again, and when it left you could see the grass had finally started to green.  The trees are still bud-less, but for once there is confidence that we will see shoots in the coming days.  The team message boards are buzzing with proposed rides, and if it hits seventy like it is supposed to tomorrow I guarantee you will see too many pasty Minnesotans wearing too few pieces of clothing.

The loveliest part?  With more sun comes a brighter mood and greater optimism.  So much optimism that I actually preregistered for a road race this weekend.  Now that is spring fever!

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