Want It Wednesday - Lazer Genesis Helmet

5:37 AM

For this week’s Want It Wednesday (join the fun!) I’m going back to the basics.  What is the most basic thing you need for a bike ride?

Oops, I guess that would be a bike.

Ok, what is the second most basic thing you need for a bike ride?  That’s right, a helmet. 

I always accepted that you should get a new helmet every 3 – 5 years, but in doing some basic research it appears it isn’t that cut and dry.  Turns out, there is much debate because the replacement timeline has shrunk so significantly over the years, with some people claiming this is less about safety and more about selling units.

I’ve replaced two helmets in my adult years.  When I first moved from casual-once-in-a-blue-moon biking to regular workouts on my road bike I purchased a nicer Bell helmet.  This was really a practical decision, as there had been significant advances in helmet fit in the 10 years since my previous purchase.  The Bell Sweep had a great internal fit system that comfortably hugged my head.

My second replacement was to get another Sweep after a road crash that left me shaken and bruised but with an intact skull and cracked helmet.

This time?  

It’s all about the fashion.  Yup.  No other reason for my new Lazer Genesis blue and white helmet except it looks better than the old Bell.  The fit is more snug overall (and is a smaller dome over my dome), and it is conveniently designed to accommodate a ponytail (the Sweep’s fit system interferes with this ubiquitous female cyclist hairstyle).  And I even like the match to my team’s colors. 

But really, these are just excuses.  I got the helmet because I wanted the helmet.

Wow, honesty can be freeing!  Imagine what we can accomplish if we extend this honesty – all the time we would save by just laying it out there when we add a new gem to our collection?  I got the Twin-6 jersey because I wanted the Twin-6 jersey.  I got the Thompson seat post because I wanted the Thompson seat post.  I got the full-custom titanium bike because I wanted the full-custom titanium bike…

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