4 Simple Goals for May

2:19 AM

Oh, hello there May, you really snuck up on me this time.

There are times when marching forward into a new month is predictable and expected.  We note the seasons through and odd assortment of subtle clues – the availability of local produce when the farmer's market opens; the chatter of Tour hopefuls as the Giro nears (cue Wiggo vs. Froom catfight in 3…2..1..) – and all seems in balance between our personal clocks and the universesal clock. 

But then there are times when you feel dragged into the new month – there are just 82 more things I wanted to accomplish before April ends, so could we please hold off on May?


Ok, then, I guess I’ll have to re-boot.  My four simple goals:

1.  Be a good student.  On a bit of a whim I signed up for a spring semester class at a local college, and getting back into the world of lectures, studying, and due dates has been intimidating, and ultimately, very fun.  May will bring a massive final exam and the start of a online summer-term course (classes on the interwebs?!  I remember taking a “distance learning” course that involved the post office, stamps, and very large envelopes back when I was an undergrad…).  I view this as an opportunity to put into practice all the things I’ve learned in the last few months about being a good student like not procrastinating, monitoring understanding, and asking questions.

2.  Be a good teammate.  Participating in Ken Woods last week with the sole goal of helping out the other Betties reminded me about the team aspects of cycling.  It can be really freeing to just work for another.  Though May will officially kick-off my mountain biking season, I’ll still look for races to help my roadie friends (though not criteriums…no way…).

3.  Be good to my body.  May is always a very hectic time at work, when there is a confluence of deadlines and expectations that can be dizzying.  There is nothing worse than feeling like I don’t have the energy to meet the coming challenges, so a more focused eye on my nutritional intake will help to keep me ready.

4.  Remember to relax.  Once again I’ve been reminded in the last couple of weeks of exactly how much of our time we voluntarily give away without a thought.  Unless it helps out a Betty, it is time to say “no” more often to additional responsibilities  so I can carve out some time for activities that are completely me (apparently, I like reading books, though you can’t tell from my library card’s activities in the past six months).

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