4 Simple Goals for June

6:20 AM

May was a stressful month for me, but as I look back on my goals for the month it turns out I did a pretty good job.  I was a good student and a good teammate.  In the process, however, I wasnt very good to myself and I definitely wasnt relaxed.

June will be easier.  I work in education, so summer is almost (almost!) here, and with it will come more time for ME!  Hopefully, this stupid perpetual rain will end, and the Spouse and I can hit the trails for some quality rides.  So, with optimism, my 4 simple goals for June:

1.  Find a way to like biology.  I picked biology for my fast-track summer course, and we are having some difficulty getting to know and like each other.  Im all about sharing experiences and telling stories, and biology is all about vocabulary and processes.  Lots of memorization (my weakest skill).  Though weve gotten off to a rough start, Im going to try to build a good relationship with biologykeep an open mind.

2.  Incorporate mores skill practice into my mountain bike rides.  When I started on the mountain bike, I just rode.  And fell a lot.  Then I got a book by the great Lee McCormick, and started to practice skills as I rode attack position, noticing my center of gravity in relation to my bottom bracket.  Im now at a level where I need to specifically work on skills like manualing, which means getting out the flat pedals and trying to learn to bunny hop for reals (and not rely on my clipped-in feet).

3.  Same as last month be good to my body.  My body is pretty good about letting me know when Im making bad choices, and damn, Ive been making some bad choices.  Time for a re-set.

4.  Same again remember to relax.  Too many days in May consisted of this: get up, go to work, come home, bike, study, sleep.  Yuck.  I know Im taking the classes because I want to, but cmon, they cant take up all of my time.  The day has enough hours in it for something complete divorced from fitness and study!

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