Want It Wednesday - The Twin Six Super Star Jersey & An Incognito Kit

4:30 AM

The Twin Six Super Star Jersey
Hello, Want It Wednesday, its been a long time since we hung out and traded stories about our cycling desireswanna catch up?  Join the fun over at Jezs site!

When I started cycling I bought a bunch of jerseys for my riding needs.  Then I joined a team and filled my drawers with team jerseys and shorts.  Its nice, because I dont have to think about what to wear, just pull out the team stuff and ride.  It is also nice because, since Ive been loyal to my team, I now have several kits to choose from and dont have to do laundry every other day. 

But now and then you want to go out on a ride incognito.  The team kit can act as a huge race me sign to old guys.  Seriously, why, why, why do 65-year-old men want to throw down with every young(ish?) woman they happen to run across on their ride?  So a few options in the jersey drawer that dont have sponsors slapped all over them is always a good idea.

One problem: all those jerseys I purchased when I first got on the bike?  Totally lame.  It is time for some cool updates to my incognito options.  Enter Twin Six, the clothing company for local hipsters.  Enter the Super Star Jersey.

Like it?  I know, so do I.  I like it so much, in fact, that Im making this Want It into a HAVE IT WEDNESDAY!  Now, I just need the trails to dry out so I can actually get this baby dirty!

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