What day is it?

10:19 AM

There is an old joke about educators that goes something like this: what are the top three reasons for going into education? 

June, July, and August.

I went into education for many reasons.  While summer vacation isnt even close to the top of the list, it is a nice bonus.

Take yesterday.  Im enjoying my coffee and studying some vocabulary for a class when the Spouse comes in and says, Lets go!  Within 30 minutes we had the bikes on the car, plenty of drinks in the cooler, and were heading south to ride Memorial Trail in Red Wing.  Medical Terminology be damned. 

It was a great day on the dirt.  Weve had a few days since the last downpour for everything to dry out, but all the rain has kept the trails nice and tacky.  The trail crews have been out in force clearing downed trees and mowing the verge.  But the biggest reason why yesterday was such a great day to be out on the mountain bike?

I was riding at 10 oclock on a Monday morning. 

I brought my camera along, but of course didnt take any pictures.  Too busy having fun with the new bike.  Geoff and I are really getting along well.  Every time the trail ticks up, he just takes over.  If I needed any objective evidence that Geoff has made me a better rider I definitely got it yesterday on Stairway to Heaven, that rock-strewn killer hill on the backside of the bluff.  Before yesterday, Id never made it up Stairway always sliding my back wheel out at some point and having to jump off the bike and run. 

Yet there I was, still going, still going, still going, and suddenly leveling off at the top.  I wont say it was easy, and I didnt make it every time, but I did make it.

And all I got was a scratch...Stairway didn't require any larger sacrifice
And by lunchtime the Spouse and I had a great ride done and sandwiches in our bellies.  The real question of the day wasnt about the top 3 reasons to go into education.

It was, What day is it?


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