One Week Down...

5:13 AM

…and one week to go…not for the Tour, but for my summer classes.  Thankfully, I will be able to enjoy the second half of Le Grande Boucle without having to study.  Watching stages while taking notes is not fun.  Ugh.

But I digress, we’ve had one week of the Tour, and it has been fabulous viewing so far.  A few randomly awarded points:
  • + 10 points to the organizers for starting with an actual stage rather than the traditional time trial.  Though we all enjoy watching Fabian gracefully represent in yellow during the first days, it is nice to see riders and teams wear the jersey who probably never expected to get it.  +2 to Orica Green Edge for actually sharing the jersey amongst their teammates – the yellow jersey: cycling’s Stanley Cup.
  • - 24 points to the jury for not letting Ted King back into the race after he (maybe) missed the time cut by 7 seconds.  Suffering from injuries caused by a confusing crash that all the riders partially blame on the organizers (sure, let’s change the finish line twice in the last five minutes of racing…), he couldn’t even ride his TT bike because of the pain.  Did he show courage?  Absolutely.  Did Cav and 87 peers show the same kind of courage 2011 when they let them back in after missing the cut?  Um…no.
  • + 12 points to Belkin for weathering the chaos of no sponsor to come in with new kits and make an immediate impact.  My new underdog favorite?  GO TEN DAM!
  • + 16 points to Movistar, for not sitting back and letting Sky bore us to death like they did last year.  Here’s to another two unpredictable weeks where attacks actually happen, alliances are made, and (hopefully) a few other guys get to wear yellow before Paris.
Unfortunately, there are no winners when it comes to fashion in this year’s tour.  So many kits are showing their age (you’re getting my stink-eye BMC, RadioShack, Euskaltel-Euskadi and Ag2r…but really, pretty much all old kits out there), and other updates didn’t turn out well (can’t really fault the graphic designer for Astana, as they have a horrible color scheme to work with).  I like the color pop of yellow on blue with Saxo-Tinkoff, but I already miss the Blanco kit (not a great upgrade).  The most unflattering kit?  I’m going to have to go with Argos-Shimano.  All that white…no one could successfully pull that one off.

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