4 Simple Goals for September

8:32 AM

And with that, August is over.  Sure, I mourn the passing of summer like everyone who works in education, but September also means new beginnings.  And there is nothing I love more than a new beginning.  Seriously, when I was a kid even a Monday was a good enough excuse to "reinvent" myself.

It also helps that August wasn't wasted.  I read, napped, biked, and even got some DIY done.  Didn't finish up the front porch (a heat wave and unexpected plumbing job interrupted my plans there), but I did get the first coat of paint on about 40% of the area and it looks great.  

So, to new beginnings and new goals for September!
1.  Complete quality workouts in the first half of September.  I am now in my longest period between races since May, and I want to take advantage of this time to really get in some good cyclocross workouts. 

2.  Keep going with mountain biking skills work.  I usually get to September and turn all Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon with the mountain bike (I'm four days away from retirement, and won't risk that rock garden).  Not this year.  This winter I am going to seriously entertain the possibility of moving to category 1 on my MTB license (it turns out I have the upgrade points...who knew?) and if I am going to take that leap I need to solidify my skills.

3.  Thoroughly enjoy my new schedule.  A new work site means a later start for me, for the first time in 18 years.  It means not leaving the house until 7:30 in the morning - a nice hour later than the norm.  I am a morning person, so now there is more ME time in the day!

4.  Watch more soccer, I mean football.  The EPL is back on, and Saturday and Sunday mornings have a new structure to them.  Thankfully my CX race time is not until 12:30, so I will have time to get in the early game before heading off to the races.  

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