4 Simple Goals for October

12:33 PM

Every year I begin the school year with well-intentioned plans to maintain balance and calm in the midst of the chaos.  And every year September comes like a grenade and blows everything to bits.  This past month was everything I didn’t want it to be: aggressive, rushed, thoughtless.  Too much time for others, not enough time for myself.

One of my strengths, thankfully, is eternal optimism.  Every month gives me a new start and a new opportunity to write out my goals.  My 4 Simple Goals for October:

1.   Continue with my photo-a-day site.  I started a side-blog at the end of summer (actually, the day before I went back to work): About Today.  It is really a silly little site that, so far, serves as a way to keep me connected to the present.  I find a tiny sense of accomplishment in that I have consistently taken one picture of my day and posted it. 

2.  Commit to the races I’m racing.  The more I look back at Metal Cross, the more I realize that I just wasn’t committed to the race that day.  It is almost like I expected that just by putting on a kit and being present when the whistle blew that the racing part would take care of itself.  So, for October I will be present for my races – race ready!

3.  Commit to resting.  This is my fifth season of cyclocross.  When I started I felt this intense pressure to race every weekend because…well…because cyclocross is so awesome.  Cyclocross is still the greatest sport in the world, but doing well in my chosen races also means intentionally taking some weekends off for rest.

4.  Get back to reading.  This summer was good for the English major side of my personality – lots of great books and time to read them.  I’ve still got a healthy list of great books to get to – I’ve just got to make time (maybe when I’m not racing…) to read some of those books.

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