4 Simple Goals for November

4:05 AM

It seems I forget this every year, but October is the month where everything in life gets reduced to two things: work and biking.  And this year, with my work schedule shifted an hour later in the day, seems to be an even more dramatic reduction of my focus.  By the time I roll home from the bike commute, I’m rushing around to get any kind of real workout in before the sun sets.  Forget mountain biking during the week, as I am not equipped with the lights I would need to hit the dirt. 

I almost forgot - starting next week, sunset comes an hour earlier.

I’m really not as grumpy as I sound, I’m just realizing I need to adjust a bit as I move into November.  This also includes my goals - I thought last months were simple and reasonable, but nope, nope, nope.  So, my 4 Simple Goals for November:

1.  Enjoy Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies by Chris Kluwe.  The Vikings are having a horrible season (ugh), and I can’t help but think it is due at least in part to giving up Kluwe as our punter.  Kluwe was awesome on the field, and damn entertaining off the field with his well-written opinion pieces.  Looking forward to finally getting the book from the library.

2.  Make a turkey for Thanksgiving.  Hey, I’m coming off 12 years as a vegetarian - it’s been awhile since I have tackled something like this.  If I remember correctly, it involves a big bucket of brine…

3.  Calm down.  Enough said.

4.  Finish a pillow.  You would think a simple pillow would be a craft project easy enough for me to handle, but not with the crazy that is my life lately.  Still, November brings more dark and, consequently, more sitting.  Pillow time!

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